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… and last show in 2021 season on December 11/12 at the Shipshewana on the Road show (Porter County Expo & Fairgrounds at 215 E Division Rd., Valparaiso, IN). Hours are Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10-5.

Readers love the way Jack Handler conducts his business—no nonsense from start to finish. He always gets the job done, and it’s always according to his rules. And his characters are wonderfully appealing—Jack himself, daughter Kate, foster children Red and Robby, Jack’s special friend Millie and her daughter Angel. And, of course, Jack’s extraordinary buddies Henry and Roger. They are all great. And, they are all in this wonderful book. .And where does this story open? In NEWBERRY, MI! While this book is too long to read in a single sitting, it is certainly powerful enough, start to finish, to totally captivate the reader throughout. Michael masterfully blends three story lines into the books narrative, and in so doing, carries the reader from Newberry (in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula), to Deadwood, SD, to New York and Singapore, and then back to Newberry. If a reader likes James Patterson, David Baldacci or Vince Flynn, he will love “From Deadwood to Deep State.

Keep up the fine work, Michael, and may your pen never run dry! — SW

“Reading brings us unknown friends” – Honoré de Balzac